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Signed and dedicated. 
Perfect for you or someone you love.


  1. Click the "ORDER SIGNED BOOKS" button below to email me.
  2. List the book name, person you want it dedicated it to, and preferred ink color*
  3. Provide the address of where you would like the book to be shipped.
    I Can't -  John - red ink
    Ship to:
    Sally Jones
    123 Happy Street
    Pleasantville, TX 12345
  4. Pay via PayPal using this email address:  authorcmhealy@gmail.com
    - Books total + shipping cost -

*Ink choices: red, pink, blue, sky blue, teal, green, orange, purple, black, gold, or silver.

Book orders are sent out every Tuesday.
Orders must be placed by 11p.m. CST Sundays.

Young Adult

Children's Books


  • Beyond the After: Princess Lillian
  • Beyond the After: Princess Olivia


  • If Mom Became an Octopus
  • Missing Numbers
  • I Can't
  • Penelope Rose
  • The Other Side
  • The Lion & the Red Balloon


  • The Different Little Lion


$5 for orders of 1–5 books
$10 for orders of 6+ books